About Us

D2Soft Technologies Inc. has officially started its activities on December 2003. Our first product at the time was News Interceptor. This software was originally released in beta version during July 2002. At the time RSS feeds were not much supported, but NI could provide custom news from more than 1000 sites in 7 languages.

In October 2004, we released our second product, RSScache. This solution was well received from Webmasters around the World and its popularity constantly increased. A lot of work has since been used to improve the performances of the service to respond to the millions of requests received each month.

In September 2006, we re-opened our site DigitalDream. Originally created back in 1996, Digital Dream was one of the first digital post offices on the Net. However, in 2000, the site was closed in November 2012.

In October 2006, we opened a new site, IRateMyDay. This site uses the concept of instant blogging, where users can share their feelings on a daily basis. With the popularity of blogs in the recent years, IRateMyDay gained a quick user base.

In July 2008, we introduced our new service Nimbb that allows users to record videos using their webcam and share them easily online. In February 2009, we introduced the Nimbb API, which allows to embed our video technology into any website. Since then, the Nimbb API has powered videos from thousands of sites in more than 40 countries. As of November 2012, 3-million videos were recorded using Nimbb's technology.

In September 2009, we opened our site 29offame to showcase how developers can integrate the Nimbb technology. This site uses the Nimbb API to let users record, view and vote on videos.

Since the release of our products, we have served millions of users around the world. We are dedicated to support and develop all our products, while preparing new products.

In all our products, we use the latest technologies available. To build our Web 2.0 solutions, we mostly use the Microsoft .Net Framework. We have been using this technology since its introduction and we have acquired a very high level of knowledge on using and optimizing it to serve our thousands of users each day.

D2Soft Technologies Inc. is a privately funded company located in Montreal, Canada.