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Nimbb - 7 years since first line of code

It's been already 7 years since we started working on Nimbb.  In fact, we actually started working on a video recording project as early as January 31th 2008.  At that time, it wasn't Nimbb nor was it going to be a standalone product – not yet.

Eventually, on July 30th 2008, we first published online our site with a very simple design.  The Nimbb Player wasn't designed yet and we were using two different Flash SWF files: one for recording, one for playing back.

It was on November 11th 2008 that we finally released the Nimbb Player version 0.1.  From there, one day later, we released the player under the URL to start working on our alpha version of the product.  Some early screenshots:

Recording a video

Playing back a video

Site early design on December 18th 2008

Flash forward today, August 11th 2015, the Nimbb Player has seen over 120 releases and is currently at version 1.38.3.  If this wasn't enough, it's good to know that if you embedded the Nimbb Player in your site since version 0.1, your code and the player are still working today!

Today's site

If you are looking to add webcam video recording to your site, make sure to look at our service Nimbb.

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